Monday, August 24, 2009


This picture was kind of just an experiment, I normally don't use canvas or acrylic. I kind of like the control acrylic has, because watercolor is pretty unpredictable. 

Monday, August 10, 2009

Goldfish with Seaweed

18x24 inches
pen and watercolor

Friday, August 7, 2009

Poppy Octopus

green brush pen, watercolor, ballpoint pen

Thursday, August 6, 2009


This chameleon is for my sister, Quinne. She said she wanted a colorful one, and I wanted to do one in black and white, so I kind of met her in the middle. 
The size is 18x24
The materials are watercolor and pen.

Capuchin Topiary

It's a cell phone picture so it's pretty bad quality. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pelican for Grandma

My grandma said she would love a pelican, so this is what I came up with. 
I ended up doing a yellowy-peach background on it afterwards, it looked really nice.
I'm not sure what the size is, it was pretty big though. I deviated from my usual material list and put some colored marker in the musical notes. 

Creepy Gibbon

I think gibbons are creepy in the first place, but it was suggested to me to do a painting of one, and the creepiness made it to the paper. 
It was made with watercolor, pen, and paper. The size is about 24x18 inches. 

Forget-Me-Not Octopus

This octopus was made with watercolor and pen on regular drawing paper. It's only 19x13 inches. 

Common Fly

This fly is on paper about 21x22 inches.  This one is just brown wrapping paper and pen. The design is original, but I don't know if I've completed the idea yet. 


This picture is 22.5x22.5 inches.
Running with the same theme as the blooming octopus. The materials are the same as well. 

Blooming Octopus

Sorry the detail picture is such bad quality, it's raining here so there's not a lot of natural light, and the flash makes everything white. 

This octopus is about 22x28 inches.
It's just watercolor, pen, and paper. 
The design is original. 


This nautilus is 22x22 inches.
Materials are watercolor, ballpoint pen, and thick drawing paper. 

White Oak for Paul

This was a gift for a friend, he's an arborist and he likes white oaks. 
I tried to imitate the bark in this black and white design, and the leaves are handmade rubber stamps of white oak leaves. 

I really liked it without the leaves, too.

Mehndi Tree

I did a few trees like this, but I only took pictures of this one. It's done on brown wrapping paper (which is really great because it comes in a huge roll so you can make your drawings as big as you want), 3D tape (for the leaves), white watercolor, white pencil, and ballpoint pen.

The size is about 35x24 inches. 

It's completely original, and it's supposed to be some type of willow, but I'm working on a different shape of willow now. 

Octopus Blowing Bubbles

This octopus is drawn on paper app. 31x23 inches. 

Octopus with Flowers

This is an octopus I did with watercolor, ballpoint pen, and a large piece of drawing paper. 
The design is my own.

My Fish Design

I did both of these on paper about 18x24 inches, the fish is a little more than a foot from the tip of the tail to the nose.
I did the black one freehand and then traced it for the general shape of the red one.
The materials are just large drawing paper and ballpoint pen.

(If you click on them you can see the detail a little more clearly.)